About me

Bianca Jarvis MPHHello there!

My name is Bianca Jarvis, and I’m a Chicago-based bilingual (English/Japanese) sex educator, artist, writer, and activist. I identify as bisexual, polyamorous, kinky, (non-visibly) disabled, genderfluid, non- binary femme, and my pronouns are she and her.

I hold an MPH from Indiana University’s School of Public Health, a program I highly recommend to anyone interested in sexuality education and general public health practice.

I work as a freelance writer, educator, consultant, and artist. I am always interested in new projects and collaborations, so email me at biancajarvismph at gmail dot com if you’d like to work with me. I am only taking paid projects at this time.

What I’m doing right now:

I sell sex-positive jewelry, coloring books and other fun stuff at my boutique, The Venus Emporium. I sell my wares at SSSS and AASECT (and a few other select conferences) every year. I was raised in a family of artists, and began exploring the power of visual art for sex education while working at the Kinsey Institute in 2014 (who house an amazing sexuality art collection). I am currently working on a coloring book that features images of beautiful fat femmes, and lectured in Iceland on using coloring for teaching sex education to Children in 2015 (see my slides here).

I have made two documentaries:

Akujo No Angel: a film about young women in Japanese street fashion culture

The Waiting Room: Transgender People and Health Care (documentary, resource guide and other materials)

Both are available for screening in public venues with written permission from me.

I also offer a resource guide for clinical health care and social services professionals for how to better serve their clients as a google doc here. Please feel free to use and share.