Greetings from NACS 2015 in Reykjavik!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and a very eventful past six months! Right now I’m in Reykjavik for the 2015 Nordic Association of Clinical Sexuality Conference (NACS). My friend Indiana was very kind to invite me, and arrange for my friend Jess and I to stay in a sweet little apartment in Downtown Reykjavik!

Yesterday I presented on how to use coloring for teaching kids about sex ed and body image:
You can see the slideshow from my presentation here.

Queen style
I shared the awesome coloring books “Super Soft Heroes” and “Super Strong Princesses” by Linnea Johansson with attendees. They are amazing, and you can download them for free!

I met Betty Dodson, who is as awesome as you’d imagine!

There was smoked cod liver in my conference goodie bag!
Even the coins have fish on them!

Today I have been selling my artwork from The Venus Emporium, tonight we hunt for Northern Lights, tomorrow I dip in the Blue Lagoon! The Scandinavians (or Scandal-navians as I like to call those in the field of sexuality) are wonderful people & I am in love with Iceland!